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Exclusive to Harrods

To find out more about our prices and packages or to make a booking, please call the clinic

Sole Revival Signature Medical Pedicure.

45 Minutes


Sole Revival Podiatry's signature treatment has been designed to suit all clients and provide a complete review of foot health. The Medical Pedicure is performed dry and includes an assessment of overall foot health, underlying or emerging pathologies and treatment; removal of hard skin and corns, nails cut, filed with a deep clean treatment of nails. Suitable for all skin and nail issues, including ingrowing toenails, nail changes or infections. Intensive moisturising organic nourishing balms and oils suited to your skin type are used to finish this luxurious but practical treatment. 

Sole Revival Signature Medical Pedicure. (Diabetic)

45 Minutes


Bespoke Diabetic Medical Pedicure using diabetic friendly organic products; includes essential vascular and neurological assessment reporting. 

Revive Your Soul Ultimate Medical Pedicure.

60 Minutes


Sole Revival Podiatry's Ultimate Medical Pedicure offers all the benefits of the Signature Medical Pedicure plus the addition of an organic Super-Food deeply hydrating foot and leg exfoliation and mask, plus leg and foot massage to encourage lymphatic drainage and foot mobility. This is a wonderful treatment for tired, heavy legs or dry skin conditions on the foot or leg.  

Sole Revival Express.

30 Minutes


Sole Revival Podiatry's Express treatment is designed to address a standard skin or nail issue or nails in need of a cut and tidy. 

The Express appointment can be used to compliment the Signature Medical Pedicure offering a time efficient way to address foot health concerns in between appointments. Suited for those with singular issues, like ingrowing toenails or corns. 

Sole Revival Podiatry Biomechanical Assessment. 

60 Minutes


This appointment examines your foot structure and function, identifying the underlying cause of your foot pathologies. It looks to optimise foot function and gait, minimise pain and joint issues. Suitable for those who are seeking treatment for dropped arches, bunions and toe changes, forefoot and heel pain. 

Sole Revival Podiatry are proud to partner with Firefly for the ultimate bespoke orthotic, using 3D digital scanning technology and manufacture to create a vegan orthotic that suits your life-style and footwear. 

Sole Revival Podiatry's Orthotics Package.


Includes Biomechanical Assessment, 1 pair 3D scanned and fabricated custom orthotics, fitting and review appointments and free adjustments.

Warts And All Treatment Package.


Includes 1 Signature Medical Pedicure and treatment plus a further 5 check-up appointments with treatment for 90% resolution rate with Verrutop. 

Verrutop is a new type of treatment for verruca and warts, unlike other treatments that act by freezing or burning, instead Verrutop dehydrates the viral tissue using Zinc compounds, leaving intact healthy skin beneath with minimal pain. Verrutop is supported by research and a large number of clinical papers with success rates of 90% after 6 treatments. 

Packages include one Signature Medical Pedicure with Verrutop treatment; then 5 further assessment and treatment appointments. Singular Verrutop treatments can be booked separately or can be used in a Medical Pedicure or Express appointment. 

Not suitable for those under 18 or with compromised circulation. 

Sole Revival Podiatry Check Up.

15 Minutes


Booked by your podiatrist, this appointment is for wound care, additional Verrutop applications or for orthotics to be fitted only. 


Meticulous Detail

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Premium Experience

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